1) What is PriPrefect Secure Platform?
PriPrefect is an innovative platform which unites and empower every stake holder including School Administration, Teachers, Parents, and super admin with varied value-added services and intelligent analytics system.
2) What is Smart Card and How it works?
The smart card is an electronic chip card that doesn’t have a battery (also known as a Passive Card). It draws the energy from the reader just like the smart card used in Transport systems or ATM card. It works on 13.56MHz(open band) with a reading range of ~5 – 8 cms.
3) How does a reader work?
A reader is an Android-based device with NFC (Near Field Communication) interface. It works on 13.56MHz open band frequency.
4) Are the reader and cardssafe?
Yes, our cards and readers are 100% safe as they work on open band of 13.56MHz which is used by all transport, access control and bank cards.
5) What all are the offered modules in Myprefect Application for Teachers / Parent / School.
Below is the list of modules offered to every user type: Teacher / PriPrefect Academy App: Home Work Meal Taken Leave Management Exam & Result Attendance Meal Taken Time Table Parent / MyPriPrefect App: Real-time notification of Attendance Circulars Messages Home work Leave Management Feedback Time table Meal Taken Notification Mess Menu Secure Pick-up Notification School / Bachpan PriPrefect Campus App: School In School Out Meal Taken Secure Pick-up
6) Is the mobile app available on Android and iOS Mobile Operating Systems?
Yes, PRIPREFECT Platform is available in Android and Apple stores.
7) Benefits PRIPREFECT passes to:
BACHPAN HQ: Offers comprehensive platform for managing all franchise network along with other value-added services including communication with parent, feedback managementand more. Franchise: Empowers franchise to work effectively and efficiently for their day to day operations and provide unique security & connectivity platform for parents. Parents: Able to connect with school on real time basis and taking care of security & connectivity concerns. Teachers: Effectively manage the daily activities and interaction with the parents.
8) What notification sent to Parents?
Notifications with respect to attendance/circulars etc are sent to parent as Mobile Application Alert.
9) Are the notifications based on SMS or Mobile App?
All notifications are Mobile App based.
10) Who can receive notification?
Notification will be sent to all linked mobile numbers that are registered for a student in the school database.
11) If the student forgets the card, then how the notification will be sent to parent?
School/Franchise Admin has a facility to manually update the attendance details of a student in case a student forgets to bring his/her Identity Card to school.
12) If the student/Parent lost the card, then what’s the process of re-issuance the new card?
Few extra cards would be given to franchises which can be assigned, in-case of lost/damage, to students/parents.
13) What if a student taps the card more than once to the reader?
Our System takes the first tap for any services including School-In or School-Out.
14) Where to tap the card on the reader?
Card has to be tapped at the back of the reader.
15) What is the life of the card?
Card life is more than 5 yrs in ideal condition.
16) Does the reader work without electricity?
Yes, the reader has built-in battery which last for more than 30 hrs.
17) Is reader to be connected to internet?
Yes, the reader is required to be connected to Internet and has multiple connectivity types. It can either be connected to Internet via Mobile Data (by inserting a SIM Card in the SIM Card slot) or Wi-Fi to ensure real-time notifications are sent to parents. Franchise to ensure smooth Internet Connection to the readers.
18) How to install reader in school?
Our readers are plug-n-play devices and come with built-it PRIPREFECT CAMPUS application, hence, no installation is required. The readers are very convenient and can either be booked on a wall with the help of clamp stands or can be kept handy as a mobile device.
19) How does a Parent login to PRIPREFECT App?
Parent can login to PRIPREFECT app via their mobile number and with OTP verification for registration.
20) Does PRIPREFECT App work offline?
PriPrefect App works both, offline and online. While offline, however, only limited information is displayed on the parent’s mobile phones. Parents would not be able to receive mobile notifications in Offline Mode. We recommend parents to be online while using the app to ensure timely notifications are received.
21) How to service the Reader?
In case the device is unable to read a card or vice-versa, replacement would be provided.
22) What is the enrollment process of new students?
Franchise will be offered an online portal through which they can enter the admission details of the students and respective parent.
23) What all services are offered on web portal?
Franchise can manage the entire management from web portal including Admissions/Circulars/VisitorManagement/Time Table and other reporting tools.
24) How to enroll a franchise?
Bachpan HQ can enroll any new franchise from their Super Admin portal.
25) How the feedback module will work?
Any parent can give feedback for defined services including hygiene/staff/cleanliness/books etc with respective rating from their mobile app which will be accessible to Franchise Admin and Bachpan HQ.
26) Who will manage the card issuance to parents and data personalization?
Franchise school would be responsible for new card issuance to student or parent and personalization.